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Privacy policy

We will never sell or share your personal information unless required to do so by law.

Information that you supply via any facility on this website will only be used to deal with your requirements.

Data is safely stored digitally for archival and operational purposes. While every effort is made to maintain the security of this website and the data stored on it (not least for the sake of the site), no liability can be accepted should any violation occur. We fully comply with EU Data Protection legislation.

No email or other method will be used to contact you other than what is essential to deal with requirements. However, by registering with the site or by submitting information via the contact page you are giving permission for us to contact you via any details provided, should we wish to do so.

Making a comment or sending a message via the Contact page does not register or subscribe you to any newsletter or any other direct or indirect marketing lists.

Cookies, IP Addresses & Statistics

Cookies may be used to facilitate the optimum operation of some aspects of this website and its functions, for example to enable shopping cart/on-line payments. We have no interest in storing, monitoring or retaining any information relating to these cookies apart from the essential function of this website.

We do not carry affiliated advertising nor do we use Google Analytics or alternatives, which are all typical generators of tracking cookies.

We use a statistical logging and analysis package which anonymously collates the data to produce the website’s access reports. Part of this does include a log of IP addresses but we have no interest in them apart from to protect the website from malicious behaviour.


The copyright of this website as an entity is owned by Innes and Partners and may not be reproduced in any medium or format, whether in part or whole without written permission.

Copyright of individual components of this website remains with the original owners of the included works and may be being used here under license, with permission or are in the public domain. As such, no components of this website may be reproduced in any medium or format, whether in part or whole without written permission, unless the work can be shown to already be in the public domain.

Aspects of this website”s functionality and coding are used under various licences, including purchased commercial licences and open source licences (GNU open source licences) . Copying or otherwise replicating any functionality or coding in this website may be in breach of the licensing agreements and anyone attempting to do so may be breaking laws.

Please do not violate copyright either of this website or any other website or medium.

Newsletter Registration

By registering to be added to the newsletter/mailing list you are giving permission to be contacted with a validation email indicating your wish to receive further emails with news or other valid information. This is a “double opt in” system and you may easily unsubscribe at any time, if desired.

The newsletter is facilitated through a trusted & respected specialist agency.

Having obtained your validated permission to be included in a newsletter/mailing list you will receive periodic emails with news or other information relevant to the topics of this website.


By submitting any material to the site you are giving unreserved royalty free permission for the material to be published on this site without recompense unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Where material submitted to this site for publication is found to be in violation of copyright, the content will remain unpublished or be removed.

The comments and opinions submitted and published on this website that have been authored by third parties are their own. The owners and operators of this website do not necessarily endorse or support them


We do not endorse the opinions, information, other content nor its suitability, or guarantee the products or services of any external websites linked to by this website.


The information that is published on this site is to provide an overview of the tax rates in force at the date of publication and no action should be taken without consulting the detailed legislation or seeking professional advice. Therefore no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material contained in this document can be accepted by the authors or the firm.

Modification of these Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.


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